Thursday, August 24, 2006

Mural in Digby Nova Scotia

This was sent to me by Neil Van Tassel

of Digby Nova Scotia Aug 2006
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Monday, August 14, 2006

The Orginal Howard Burton Van Tassel Home with a new facelift

The old Van Tassel home
with a new face lift and moved back on the original lot where Grandfather Stephen John Van Tassel used to have his Hugh garden

The Homestead of Howard Burton Van Tassel Victoria St Digby Nova Scotia

Howard passed away at a young age of 40 at the TB Hospital in Kentville NS. Although the house looks different today they raised 11 children in this home because of the illness of Howard Burton the raising of the children was left to RobinaVan Tassel and her ability to delegate authority to the older children who she left in charge while she worked as a waitress for many years to feed her family. She succeeded where many would give up. She stuck with her family
and as they grew up and left home. This woman gave all she had to her family and unfortunately passed away at the age of 50 with the dreaded disease of Cancer. If there are awards in Heaven for courage and dedication to one's family than this lady should be given the highest award
Mother you worked so hard and passed away too soon.
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The Bear River Bridge 8 Miles from Digby

If I remember correctly this is high tide in Bear River. One pretty Town
(Click on pictures for bigger view)

The Town of Bear River Home of the many Rices of Digby County

Bear River NS where most of the Van Tassel Kids of Robina (Rice) Van Tassel spent many happy hours visiting their Uncle Herb Rice brother of Robina who operated a farm in Bear River> I might add also made the best cider in the area.

This picture is a fall picture taken in Bear River 12 Miles from

Digby in Oct 2007 by Neil Van Tassel of Digby Nova Scotia

As above taken by Neil Van Tassel of Digby NS

Bear River Nova Scotia (Beautiful)

The Bear River Bridge outside Digby

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Historical features & events of Digby NS

The Digby Jail House in Digby Nova Scotia

Ox Team being lead down the main street of Digby NS 1934

It's interesting to me the date is 1934 the year Norm Van Tassel was Born

The Digby General Hospital Many Years Ago

Part of The Old Digby Wharf now gone

Digby Wharf Low Tide

Railway Station in Digby in it's working days.

Coming from the Ferry that runs between Digby and St John NB

The old Railway Station

Overlooking the Annapolis Basin & the Digby Wharf from the Hill in the winter Posted by Picasa

Fishing Dragger docked at Digby

Fishing dragger caught fire the Digby warf in Oct of 2007

One of Digby's Famous Draggers

Looking into the Annapolis Basin

Entering the Digby GutPosted by Picasa

Digby Park &Lighthouse

Digby Park on Maiden St

Digby Park Main St

Light House Digby NSPosted by Picasa

Low Tide Digby NS

High Tide on a cool Nova Scotia Morning in Digby Nova Scotia

Low tide at the Private dock in Digby

View of the town from the South

Overlooking the Bay of Fundy
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Sunset overlooking the Bay of Fundy Digby Nova Scotia

Sunset overlooking the Bay of Funday

Culleden outside Digby

Digby's Racquette Bridge Low Tide the old swimming holePosted by Picasa

View of the change in tide movement every 6 hours

Low Tide at Digby Tide moves every 6 hours

Calm day most boats out fishing

Larche Machine shop at Racquette.

Former fish plant picture was taken from sandbar
in front of the Pines Hotel

Digby Churches

One of Digby's famous old churches

Another of Digby's churches

The Iron Duke torn down in 2006

Digby Fishing Fleet, Old School & Town Hall

Digby's Modern day fishing fleet

Digby Court House

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Elementary School Digby NS Grades 1 to 6