Monday, August 14, 2006

The Orginal Howard Burton Van Tassel Home with a new facelift

The old Van Tassel home
with a new face lift and moved back on the original lot where Grandfather Stephen John Van Tassel used to have his Hugh garden

The Homestead of Howard Burton Van Tassel Victoria St Digby Nova Scotia

Howard passed away at a young age of 40 at the TB Hospital in Kentville NS. Although the house looks different today they raised 11 children in this home because of the illness of Howard Burton the raising of the children was left to RobinaVan Tassel and her ability to delegate authority to the older children who she left in charge while she worked as a waitress for many years to feed her family. She succeeded where many would give up. She stuck with her family
and as they grew up and left home. This woman gave all she had to her family and unfortunately passed away at the age of 50 with the dreaded disease of Cancer. If there are awards in Heaven for courage and dedication to one's family than this lady should be given the highest award
Mother you worked so hard and passed away too soon.
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margaret said...

in 1956 I was boarding with a family in Digby The van Tassel family and i think it is the same family.I was friends with Joan.I was in Dibgy to marrry a sailor(big mistake)now I am married to man from N>S> IF THIS IS THE SAME FAMILY COULD LET KNOW WHERE JOAN IS
Margaet macNamara