Wednesday, September 20, 2006

HMCS Cornwallis Deep Brook NS Naval Training Base

HMCS Cornwallis Deep Brook NS

This naval base was very important to the economy
of the Digby area, many of our towns people were
employed there including myself at a very young age.
The young kids of Digby took part in the Naval Cadets
and went to the base on a weekly basis to train.
Norm's Son Gilbert Stephen Van Tassel also took
his basic training at Cornwallis when he
enlisted in the Army in 1974.

HMCS Cornwallis.

The quarter guard on parade at the open order march
awaiting inspection. Among them is my brother in
law Robert Kranstz husband of Donna Van Tassel

Weekly Parade at HMCS Cornwallis NS

PMQ in the background have been sold and are presently
occupied by people from the surrounding area who
purchased the homes. I thank Robert for the pictures. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

there was really a gate like that?O.o
i would have loved to see it. i am a cadet and i got to that base it dosn't look like it use to.

Anonymous said...

my step-father was a medical po at cornwallis in the early 50's my stepbrothers, and sisters attended school there, i did grades primary and first there in 55-57 before we all moved to Tuft's Cove. Dad retired out about 1960 or so. he was a Cpo. his name was John A. Lowe. Good memories from that time, we lived in Deep Brook and later Clementsport.